A New Solution for Indoor Gardening: Sprout Something


Sprout Something have created an innovative new way to start gardening indoors or in urban environments. Using an all natural 100% biodegradable casing, natural herb soil and organic non-GMO herb seeds, they have created planters which can be stuck into a pot, jar, or even the ground to grow wonderful herbs from. If you have ever thought about starting a garden (indoors or outdoors!) now might be the time!

Packaged in their award winning, bright and colorful matchboxes; Sprout Something’s planters are sure to make getting started with urban gardening a breeze. They come in 6 varieties of herbs, all which can be used in the kitchen; or just enjoyed for their beauty. Basil, Chives, Chamomile, Cilantro, English Thyme and Parsley to be exact. Speaking about their packaging – they have designed and produced art quality prints of their patterns inspired from pressed herbs, and they come packaged ready to hang with stretchers and clips!

Part of the Sprout Something ethos is education; they don’t just want to give you a new way to grow herbs indoors. They run a weekly educational blog which teachers their readers all about indoor gardening. Sprout Something’s vision is to make everyone a gardener, no matter if they have a yard or not! If you don’t have any of the typical herb gardening supplies, they have a Sprout Kit, which comes with a pack of assorted herb planters and a very cute mason jar pot, packed with high quality herb soil and drainage stones – ready to start sprouting your plants!

Well, what are you waiting for? Start your garden today, go and Sprout Something!

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