Garden Offices: There is always room at the end of your garden


Working from home and remote working arrangements have become an increasingly popular trend. For these home workers, it is now essential to add that professional office space to your home. The desk space in the corner of the living room is no longer a sufficient option for the home working professional seeking to establish a consistent, efficient working environment. Look no further than a professional garden office.

There are a growing number of companies that design and build garden studios and garden offices to meet this new found demand. Not only are these buildings being used as professional workspaces but as additional rooms for properties. Garden buildings can be designed to have everything from kitchen and bathroom facilities to additional storage spaces and offices. Garden buildings are designed for all-year-round use and naturally have double glazed windows and heated flooring to make it feel just like any other room in your home.

A popular trend at the moment is developing garden buildings using sustainable resources. Many London garden studios are blending into the garden surroundings, using their roofs as additional green garden space and even vegetable patches.

When it comes to working from home, the mental and physical separation from the house that garden offices provide is a huge benefit in terms of making the distinction between home and work. Another added benefit is the saved money and time of commuting each day to work, especially in a city such as London with expensive travel fees, congestion charges and office rental costs.

As of last year, planning rules have been amended, meaning it is now significantly easier to acquire a garden building without the requirement of applying for planning permission, since these types of properties are generally allowed under a property’s development rights. Of course the initial cost of a designing and building a garden office may not be cheap, however it is comparatively much less pricey than having a house extension. Additionally with the growing trend of home working likely to continue, a garden office is the perfect investment to add value to your property.

Trew Turner, a London based building and carpentry specialist, has completed a number of garden offices in London. In particular one of their recent projects in Haringey, North London required the garden studio to be sunk into the ground so that the roof could still be used as a garden. The grass covered roof drains using a modern system that collects water and can then be used from a tap.

Whatever your reason for wanting a garden studios, cabins, rooms, huts, or posh sheds. These outdoor spaces are an attractive and affordable way to create an extra room for your home while increasing the value of your property.

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