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My tip today is interval watering your lawn and garden. Typically about 30% of water used watering is lost due to runoff. We can improve that drastically, down to about 5%, by watering in intervals. This is information from research done at a major university. The research was done to help conserve our water. Runoff is just wasted water and while a portion in inevitable, excess is not very environmentally responsible .Many states have very specific water usage codes and interval watering can help comply with these, in turn helping the environment. No one wants to waste water, especially in times of drought. It is costly and unnecessary. Also beneficial is making sure you lawn sprinkler system is in good repair. Lawn sprinkler repair can be done by you if you are handy and so choose or you could get a reputable lawn sprinkler repair company.

When we water for too long and the water has no chance to absorb and simply runs off. If you have a good working drainage system the water will just drain. If not, the water just builds up. This can be very damaging to the roots in you lawn and garden plants. Standing water around roots will cause rotting damage. Excess water can also contribute to bacteria and fungus growth, as well as attracting unwanted insects.Bacteria, fungus, and insects can kill all of the beautiful plants in your garden as well as your lawn.
Interval watering can also be very easy as timers today can be set to do all of the work for us. Professional sprinkler maintenance is affordable and most service companies will gladly set the timers for you, as well as check your water pressure. If you are a “do it yourselfer” there are many good timers on the market to help. That’s all for now. I hope this was helpful to you.

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