Learn How to Hydroponic Garden to Grow Herbs

Learn How to Hydroponic Garden to Grow Herbs

What is a Hydroponic Garden?

Hydroponic growing comes from the Greek word Hydro which means water. This method of growing uses no soil and the plants get their nutrients from adding solution to the water. Gravel or Perlite is used to grow the plants in and their roots grow hang down into the water below. There are 6 main types of hydroponics systems,

The Wick System
Water Culture System
The Drip System
Ebb & Flow System
Aeroponic System
N.F.T System

Growing Herbs Hydroponically

You can grow herbs hydroponically indoors, outside, vertical and horizontally. Many people use the vertical hydroponic systems to grow in their kitchens or in a horizontal system outside. If you have access to a light system then you can grow in a darker area of the house, failing that a window sill or greenhouse is a great option. The most common light used for indoor growing is Fluorescent light, another option is using LED’s.

What Herbs Grow Best with Hydroponics

Basil is a great herb to grow as it grows into big plants extremely fast. Other suggestions include:

and medicinal herbs.

You don’t have to stop there you can grow vegetables including:

and lots more.

In fact you can grow almost anything in hydroponics.
Similar to Hydroponics is Aquaponics. This is where the addition of fish helps the water by feeding the plants with the natural waste produced and in-turn the plants soak up nitrates keeping a clean environment for the fish. Aquaponics are a great addition to the Hydroponic.

Hydroponic Herb Benefits

No soil is a no-brainer! We all love gardening in soil outside but when it comes to indoors the hydroponic system makes it clean and easy to use.
Hydroponics plants grow up to 50% faster than conventional methods. This is because there are constant nutrients being fed to the plants.
Grow all year. You can sow the seeds anytime of the year due to no temperature changes.

To sum up

There are many kits available or some great DIY projects to make your own Hydroponics system. Get stuck in and start eating organically.

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