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Different types of teak furniture and teak special pieces


Teak wood is a favorite for furniture fanatics.  It is good looking yet very durable and can last a lifetime.  The wood looks good indoors in a fine modern dining room or outdoors on the patio near the bar-b-que pit.

Teak folding chairs may sound a little different.  We usually think of canvas or nylon straps on an aluminum frame when we talk about folding chairs, or maybe the metal ones that come with card tables.  The problem with these types of chairs is that they wear out quickly, sometimes only lasting a single summer.  Metal chairs get scratched and bent.  What if you wanted a chair that will last and continue to look good?  Consider teak folding chairs.  They are sturdy and hard-wearing.  They won’t rust or rot and can tolerate being accidentally left out in the rain.

Teak folding chairs come in various styles including with and without arms.  If you are someone who needs a more relaxed style of chair, consider a teak frame swing lounger chair.  At least the frame will be fairly indestructible though you may need to replace the canvas seat over time.

Teak wood can be used for building all sorts of types of furniture.  This includes various types of teak chairs and tables.  The tables can be large teak tables that seat many people or smaller teak dining tables for intimate parties or card parties.  Teak chairs come with and without arms and in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors.  Many are large deep seating chairs.  Remember to consider getting cushions that match the size of the chairs for added comfort.  Cushions can add color to an otherwise plain room.

Teak wood is easy to work with, making it the favorite of some craftsmen.  It has been used to make bowls, plates and serving trays.  Cute, curious shaped boxes and pretty vases can also be made from teak.  Some will have a sleek, modern appearance while others can be novelties.  Even garbage cans and pen & pencil holders can be made from slats of teak wood.  Near teak furniture factories people will make various nick-knacks from teak wood scraps.  The chips can add interest to the overall item and make each a one-of-a-kind design.   Smaller “twigs” from the branches of the trees can also be used to make fascinating pieces such as bowls.  Teak wood is relatively easy to work with meaning that it can be carved to create interesting sculptures and to create ornamental designs on furniture.

The teak tree roots can be used to add interest to a piece.  The roots can be used as legs of a chair or table.  They can also form headboards to beds.

Teak wood has natural variations in color like most woods do.  This can be used to add interest to table top geometric patterns or bench or chair backs.  As people making the item are piecing it together they can choose a variety of colors to create an interesting look.

Teak Closeouts offers many different teak items to choose from.  We carry an interesting line of furniture as well as other teak items and teak special pieces.  Be sure to look over the entire website so that you will not miss anything.


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