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Unique handmade cupboard knobs and drawer pulls


UNDUN are a fresh and upcoming family-run artisan business, specializing in unique handmade cupboard knobs and drawer pulls.


After great success and press exposure in their own country of the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean, their online shop was launched in 2012 on Etsy and now features over 38 different knob and pull designs.

Natural objects from everyday life inspire the idea of UNDUN knobs. Beautiful patterned objects from cacti to snail shells, seashells to chili peppers and sea urchins have been made by nature but then chosen by the couple for their collection. Each one has been molded and re-created with resin, making each and every knob extremely strong, resilient and easy to clean.

As you enter the UNDUN site on Etsy you are met with a striking and colorful page of pattern and texture. Each of the 38 designs comes in an array of colors, making the collection bright, colorful and exciting.  Their color range includes both earthy and brighter tones to please all tastes and interiors. At a closer look each picture reveals the amazing detail of each knob and a striking resemblance to its original object it has been molded from.

img_8529_copyThe appeal of UNDUN knobs is their shared mandala design, which is balanced and pleasing on the eye.  Their white sea-urchin knobs have especially been noticed by Etsy buyers and are giving the finishing touch to kitchens in beach houses all over the world.

Each knob is fitted with a 4mm/ 0.16 inches (thickness) screw for hassle-free fitting and comes with individual bolts and tighteners. The screws are 2.2cm/ 0.86″ long. Ideal for cupboards, drawers and revamping cabinet, dresser and chest furniture of all kinds.

Available at www.undun.etsy.com

Perfect for anyone who is looking for something different.. http://www.facebook.com/undun

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