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5 Tips Before Buying Shed Plans


A storage shed can be built by just about anyone, regardless of your carpentry skills. The best way to insure a trouble free project as well as it being aesthetically pleasing is to use blueprints or building plans.
If you have no experience building a shed or have never built anything for that matter below are five helpful tips to get you building.

1. Most areas regardless if you live in a city or outside the city will require a building permit. In most areas including where I live you will need to obtain a permit to build a shed if it exceeds 120 square feet. Before you begin call the zoning department in your area for any requirements. It would be a bummer to build a shed only to have to take it down because it is not legal.

2. Use shed plans. It does not matter if you have built a thousand sheds always use plans to avoid problems and get better results. Most plans can be found online see shed plans at construct101 this site has a list of free plans as well as more woodworking plans for different projects.

3. Once you know the building requirements and have building plans you will need to choose the location. The location you choose will need to comply with the zoning laws in your area. Some of these laws will require for the shed to be a certain distance away from your home, other buildings, and property lines.

4. Avoid placing the shed over any utility lines that may need repair in the future.

5. If the shed foundation is built from pressure treated lumber, it would be recommended to place the foundation on a bed of crushed gravel 3-4 inches to prevent moisture. Paint or stain to protect the shed, and always maintain it to make it last for years and keep it looking good.

You can avoid many problems by planning ahead. Know what you are allowed to build or not build in your area. Use plans for better results, see DIY woodworking plans and projects at Construct101

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