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Why Is Hardwood Flooring The Best Choice In Minneapolis

You’d definitely not want to spend thousands of dollars on home renovation and end up with a dated look. That probably explains why bamboo, vinyl, and concrete are the most sought after flooring options. But some flooring options are timeless and remain impervious to trends- hardwood flooring is one of them. They’re known not just for their ageless appeal, but hardwood flooring is the right choice for Minneapolis climate. Here’s why Hardwood flooring in Minneapolis MN go hand in hand:

  • Minnesota in general and Minneapolis in particular has humid summers and dry winters. Hardwood floors expand and shrink according to season. In fact, hardwood floors were the traditional choice of several century-old homes (some of them built by European settlers) in Minneapolis. These flooring are intact even today.
  • They last very long. Hardwood can be refinished several times, with every finish lasting up to 15 to 20 years. Refinishing is easy as well- just sand them and you are done!
  • There’s nothing to match the aesthetic appeal of hardwood flooring. They’re never out of style and even make the house look spacious. In fact, real estate agents report that homes with hardwood flooring in Minneapolis sell quickly and at a better price. If the floors are maintained well, they can help you retain more value that the initial cost of the installing these floors.
  • They’re easy to clean and resistant to scratches. Stains and dirt don’t stick to the floor and neither does the floor accumulate dust, dirt, or allergens. All that you’ve got to do is to clean the floor once a week through vacuuming or moping.

The only problem with hardwood is that it is expensive. But thanks to companies like Dream Floors that offer hardwood flooring in Minneapolis, you are sure to get the most of your money.



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