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Learn how bump proof locks better secure your home

Security minded people these are asking for bump proof locks for their home. These are a type of lock that prevents would be criminals from entering their homes using an exploitation known as lock bumping.

If you’ve never heard of lock bumping, it is a very simple technique that exploits conventional pin and tumbler locks by using an ordinary key cut to certain depths called a bump key. The key is inserted into the lock while the end of the key is slightly bumped moving the pins in the lock just above the locks opening point.

The pins are only at the point of opening for a split second, but by applying light tension to the key when this happens, the cylinder will turn unlocking the door. Bump proof locks are unable to be opened with a bump key, but unfortunately most homes do not utilize them. As a matter of fact, 95% of homes are vulnerable to this security flaw.

Bump keys have been around for many years. They were generally used by locksmiths, however a small percentage of criminals that were able to get their hands on them. The number of crooks and thieves that have been able to obtain these keys over the past year has grown. This can be blamed on number of web sites that have been promoting these bump keys along with instructions on how to utilize them.

Affordable Locksmith OKC installs and carries bump proof locks at deeply discounted prices. Don’t leave your home or business unprotected against lock bumping. With over a decade of experience in the locksmith industry, our skilled team can install secure, bump proof locks the same day of your request. A typical installation takes just a few hours and the cost pales in comparison of other locksmiths in the area.

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