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The Best Ways To Prevent Pigeons From Settling In Your Property


Birds can be extremely fun to watch in the garden or at the birdfeeder, but you probably don’t want the larger birds to settle on your property.  Settling pigeons can cause a wide variety of issues from destroying property to harming plants.  They can also become violent toward anyone they view as trespassing.  As such, use these tips to prevent pigeons from settling on your property.

Don’t Feed The Birds

It seems fairly logical that if you want the birds to avoid roosting, you don’t feed them.  If you want to feed garden birds, hang birdfeeders. These are only accessible to certain kinds of birds and can not be used by pigeons.

Fake Animals

Many birds don’t like snakes or owls.  Try placing fake snakes or owls around your property.  They should be easily visible to birds in order to be effective.  Also, make sure to see if the specific birds that you want to target are afraid of the fake animal you want to use.

Bird Deterring Spikes

Recently one of the most popular bird deterring methods are deterrent spikes.  These are little spike strips that you attach to areas that you don’t birds to roost in.  Unfortunately, these spikes need to be installed and can only be installed on surfaces like window sills and fence tops. It is essential these bird control spikes are positioned and used safely. Usually an expert pigeon control company should be employed to fit them.

Gel Repellant

For those that are renting or need a less visible deterrent than spikes, there is gel repellant.  This gel is applied to the surfaces that you want to keep birds away from.  The gel leaves behind a sticky substance that birds don’t like.  Depending on the environment, the gel needs to be applied every few weeks or every month.

Laser Defense

It may sound like something out of a movie but a company has come up with a way to defend your property from birds using lasers.  Unlike a science fiction movie, though, these lasers only send a signal to the bird’s brain that the place they are in is not a good roosting spot.  Lasers are best used for indoor spaces or tight outdoor spaces such as orchards.

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