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Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is very important, as it keeps it looking its best and healthy. It is important to learn how to mow like a professional in order to prevent damaging the grass. Grass that isn’t mowed will turn the yard to more of an unsightly prairie than a sharp looking value-adding element of your house. Mowing can be for most all ages, even children with proper safety and supervision, it’s often a chore of youths given by parents.  There are several ways to mow your lawn like a professional though, and today we’re going to touch on a few tips and tricks to ensure that you’re doing it 100% correct. Below are the tips and tricks for lawn mowing like a professional and make your lawn clean and healthy.

Set Your Mower Cutting High

First thing to do is to set the mower’s cutting at the highest preferred settings to the grass type. Proper mowing of lawn will allow for faster and better growth and give more support to the roots and made it develop a deeper root system in other to find water and nutrients in the soil. Cutting the top 1/3 of the grass is suggested for this as cutting deeper or aggressively will force the grass to re-grow their blades, slow down the growth of the lawn and give the lawn a higher tendency to grow weeds.

Mow on a Dry Lawn

One important of mowing is never to mow on a wet grass. Always wait for your lawn is dry before mowing. Cutting of wet lawn can result in clogging of the mower and also tear the grass making it look streaky.

Mow in Different Direction

You should never mow always in just a single direction. Mow in a different direction every time. This will help prevent compacting the soil and make the grass stand up tall, nice and attractive so the lawn is moving to the direction that you mow.

Mow Often

Cut your lawn frequently if needed for the grass type, also cutting can be set for growing conditions of the grass, growth pattern and the season. It’s important to cut the grass before getting too long. Some grass grows fast within weeks, leaving you to mow within every 2 weeks.

Seasons can also affect the growing speed of the grass, grass growth increases during the spring and summer time (or warmer months), meaning you’ll have to mow at least every 4 days in the heat; but less often when the grass became slow to grow cold. The more frequent you mow the lawn, the better it will look.

Maintain and Repair Your Lawnmower

To achieve a great result mowing your lawn, having a lawn mower in perfect condition is the only option. One item that often needs maintenance is the blade; keeping your mowers blade sharp will help with the ease of mowing and the grass attractive. Using a dull blade will tear the grass and leaves it with a gravish-brown color making the lawn unhealthy and less attractive. Also a dull blade can increase water usage and expose your lawn to disease.

Annually take your mower into a local repair facility and have it checked over and tuned-up.  It’s cheap insurance as lawnmowers are complex machines and prices have been on the rise.  Find a Lawnmower Repair Shop Near You Online.

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