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What Are The Signs of Rats in the House?

Rats can bring the threat of disease if they have infested in your home. Their eating habits can be destructive to your food stocks, and the way they do their nesting can compromise the structure of your house. Rats are known to:

  •  Contaminate your food supplies
  • Spread certain diseases to humans
  • Damage wires, pipes, wood & fabrics
  • Breed & multiply extremely quickly

It can be hard to visibly see the sings of rat damage or the size of the infestation of rats in the house. The main reason is that rats are private creatures, preferring to keep hidden and nest in out-of-way places, mainly coming out at night. If there is enough space for them to hide, rats will continue to be secretive, so if you’re seeing them again and again, it is a sure sign that there is already a severe infestation in your house.

Signs of a rat infestation in your house                                       

Some of the major signs of a rat infestation are:

  • Large holes in floorboards and walls.
  • Gnaw marks on wooden and plastic items.
  • Droppings in are near to food sources.
  • Their urine has a strong smell, so you will certainly notice that.
  • Chew marks on wires and pipes.
  • Scratching noises in lofts and under floorboards.
  • Shredded soft materials made into nests.

Rat control alternatives to consider

If you see any of these signs, you should decide exactly how you are going to get rid of rats immediately. You might consider using some well known rat catching and rat control methods that will effectively help you put an end to the rat problem in your home:

  • Snap traps are one of the most effective methods for getting rid of rats. If used with the perfect bait, they can bring in good results, although may be unsafe around children & pets.
  • Rat bait boxes are another good option for putting an end to your rat problem. These products are easily available on the market. You just have to put them in core locations where you suspect rats frequent, and the bait will handle the rest. Bait boxes can be live capture, or the animals can be lured with poison baits.
  • Animals will kill or frighten off rats. Cats are efficient rat catchers, although they tend not to go into lofts and attics where rats might live and cause damage. Terriers dogs can be very effective at rat catching when used in conjunction with methods of smoking rats of their hiding places.

Calling in the professionals                                                                     

If the rodent problem in your London home has become serious, you may want to contact a rat extermination service. These services employ professional pest control operators (PCOs) who are trained and experienced at controlling pests, even the most severe rat infestations, and can provide effective rat control in the UK.

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