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How much mulch do I need?

How much mulch do I need?

Determining how much mulch is needed in the completion of a particular project is not a difficult task especially considering the fact that mulches are sold using the cubic yard measurement. A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet and the weight of average mulch should be 1,000lbs per cubic yard. Doing the math properly, there should not be a case of your ordering more than it is necessary.

In order to ensure one does not order too much mulch than necessary, the first step is the calculation of the coverage for each yard. The coverage of mulch is 100 square feet at 2.5” deep per yard and since an average mulch has the same depth, it makes the job even easier.

Since the coverage needed for a yard is known, the next step is to determine the square footage of the mulch beds. All that is required is a tape measure and someone to help you in measuring the areas in question. The area of the mulch bed is calculated by multiplying the measured length by the width.

You can proceed with your order of the mulch once all the measurements are completed and you have been able to determine what you need for your mulch bed. You should however be systematic especially if there is more than one bed concerned. This is essential in order to avoid double counting or missing out on a bed especially as you do not want an excess of mulch or shortage as either would almost definitely result in a waste of resources.

For those that order mulch in bags, it is still possible to calculate the mulch required using the same technique and all it really entails is to know the cubic feet of the mulch contained in each bag and divide by 27. This translates that a bag containing 3 cubic foot of mulch will have 9 bags equaling a cubic yard, while you need 13.5 bags to match 1 cubic yard if the mulch is 2 cubic feet. Use the Mulch Calculator to calculate how much you’ll need.

Be sure to spread your mulch effectively as you might not fill the space if this is not done carefully. The above calculation is not peculiar to mulch as it can be used for whatever it is you spreading so far the measured is by the cubic yard.

You can be sure you are ordering just what you need if the guide explained above is diligently followed.

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