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Raising the Bar on Landscape Design with Mature Olive Trees

Mature Olive TreesFor property owners in the Southwestern United States, landscaping with mature olive trees is making a lot of sense these days. With a few record years of heat and drought behind them, residents in the arid states of California, Arizona, Texas and parts of Nevada are turning to the hardy olive tree to create dramatic outdoor spaces without spiking their monthly water bill.

Plus, there’s just something almost magical about the gnarled trunk and silvery green leaves exhibited by most species of olive tree. Long used as a symbol of abundance, glory and peace, the humble olive tree packs a considerable amount of symbolism as well as natural beauty. And because they’re evergreen and can often grow more than 25 feet high and 25 feet wide, they’re ideal for creating shaded outdoor areas.

What’s unique about the olive tree, is their root system that allows even the oldest tree to be easily transplanted to your yard or property. That’s precisely what we do at Ancient Olive Trees. We work with landscape architects and contractors around the country to transport our mature olive trees from our grove in Northern California.

Helping create beautiful outdoor spaces has never been easier or more cost-effective. Consider fully-grown olive trees for your toughest landscape challenge. Olive trees are ideal for hillsides, or rocky terrain where other plants or trees might have difficulty thriving. And because once mature, olive trees are drought, disease and fire-resistant, so they’re perfect for dry climates and even zones where fire hazards are severe.

We’ve worked with major resorts, college campuses, multi-family residences and custom single family homes. For more information about landscaping with mature olive trees, planting information, or if you just have some questions, please stop by our website at:

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