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The Benefits of Drip Irrigation


Having the proper type of irrigation system is essential in maintaining your lawn and gardens. A drip irrigation system is more favorable than a surface sprinkler alone although optimal effects are achieved by using a combination of the two. Drip irrigation is the process of slowly watering the underground roots of the plant by using either valves, tubes or pipes. It is superior over sprinkling alone since there is no runoff or risk of over-saturation. Different methods are used depending on the amount of water needed. The system is installed in zones according to the amount of water needed. Timers and valves are placed within each specific zone to insure the proper amount of water is being delivered.

There are multiple benefits to having a drip irrigation system installed along with your surface sprinklers. First, doing so will provide the correct amount of water for the flowers, foliage and trees in each particular area (or “zone”). Your plants will maintain their beauty and thrive much, much longer. An added bonus is the reduced amount and frequency of fertilizer application that will be necessary. Because your plants are being nurtured from the root system, the need for any additional “boosters” will no longer be needed. Another major factor is the amount of water that will be saved. The water that is used will be more efficient and effective. Not only will you be conserving water, but you’ll be saving money as well. To guarantee you get all the benefits, call the professionals at Fort Lauderdale Lawn Sprinklers.

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