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Illnesses Caused By Asbestos

Asbestos is a toxic material that was commonly used in home construction and insulation until the late 1980s. Asbestos was used in insulation and in building materials as the asbestos fibres created strong bonds in the materials, without adding much weight to the actual materials.

Asbestos in insulation can be disturbed through home renovations or other external contaminants. Once disturbed the toxic particles in asbestos become airborne and can then be inhaled by the residents of the property. Consistent inhalation of asbestos particles leads to a variety of serious health illnesses. Many of these illnesses can be life threatening, and can only begin to show signs several years after the initial exposure to asbestos. Asbestos inhalation can often cause the most damage to the lungs of those inhaling the particles. Asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma are all lung-related illnesses directly associated with asbestos inhalation. Asbestosis is a disease that affects the ability and overall health of ones lungs.

Asbestos fibres can accumulate in the lungs of those experiencing consistent inhalation and can harden the lung issue. This leads to less lung expansion, which causes shortness of breath and lack oxygen in the blood stream, Asbestosis cannot be cured and is a progressive disease. yet most symptoms can be effectively combatted with the use of proper medication and oxygen tanks. Lung cancer and mesothelioma are both directly attributed to asbestos exposure and inhalation. Asbestos particles reside in your lungs after being inhaled and directly increase the chances the lung cancer. A mesothelioma is a form of cancer that affects the lining of ones lungs, rather than the tissue of the lungs. Damage to the linings of your lungs can cause for fluids to be produced inside your lungs.

There are preventative measure and medications to minimize and completely prevent the impacts of the cancerous lung diseases. Asbestos can cause serious health issues in areas apart from the lungs. Ovarian cancer, along with a physical condition known as clubbed fingers have been associated with severe asbestos inhalation and long-term exposure. Ovarian cancer is another form of cancer that is associated with asbestos inhalation. Researchers have suggested that particles in asbestos fibres are carried through the lymphatic subsystem to the ovaries. Clubbed fingers is a condition found in nearly half of individuals who have faced serious asbestos exposure. Clubbed shaped fingers are early indicators of individuals with high risk of other asbestos-related diseases.

Asbestos can cause illnesses in several areas of your body. Various forms of cancer are associated with asbestos inhalations. Inhaling asbestos can also cause asbestosis. clubbed fingers are a common condition caused by long-term exposure to asbestos material or particles. If your home or business was constructed prior to 1990, it could contain some form of asbestos. If you have any concerns about asbestos in your home, contact a professional. Never attempt to remove your own asbestos materials or begin renovation projects without initial asbestos inspections. Keep yourself, your loved ones and or your employees safe by utilizing professional asbestos inspections and asbestos removal services.

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Some Furniture Arrangement Tips


How you set your furniture in your room depends on how want live that room. And do you know that the way you arrange your furniture could entice your visitors. Follow these few tips and your room will receive some credits.

Get Out the Tape Measure

This stage is somehow the planning phase where you measure your room, you can use a tape measure to get the dimensions of the room or better still, use your foot and then walk on toe to across the room to determine the size. Don’t forget to check the dimension of the stirs as well, this is all to help build an amazing settings.

Mix Furnishings of Various Sizes

There is nothing in this world without a height, this include your furniture. So why don’t you try something amazing by using different furniture of several characteristics. That could bring a new look to your room. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Use an Artist’s Point of view

Sometimes you have to leave your field in other to get the best of your room. So using an artist point of view will be of great help because there are some tricks an artist use to get the best paint. It will be great if you can borrow from their tricks as well.

The first trick painters use is “triangulation.” When it comes to interior design, triangulation means placement of two end tables on one of the sides of a sofa with a painting above the sofa. Just try to picture the scene, it is lower on the edge with the apex of the look just above the mid center at the top of the painting.

Think Gestalt

Every furniture arrangements have a certain gestalt, or “totality,” a “form.” It is easy to deal with large rectangular spaces by dividing the “form” of the space into another shape. It is possible to split a long, narrow living space into two by creating different areas of function. Let’s assume, one half is for the sofa, and the other half is meant for a dining set, or the function of dining. Doing this helps you take the bite out of big rectangular rooms by splitting them into squares forms.

See also amazing designers furniture at Friday Next WebShop.

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Choosing the Best Tile Shop Online

mc_glass_h17__5When you have your own home, you give personal attention to its renovation. There are many things which are important to build a beautiful home, like architecture, design, construction material etc. Tiles are one of the most crucial parts of construction material. They are required after construction of complete map and main building of home, office or other such places. Tiles are not only required for the renovation of houses, but they are important for the decoration and renovation of offices, hospitals, schools and colleges etc. We can say that tiles have a major place in construction of every building. With the advancement in technology, there is a prominent improvement in fashion and style. This revolution in fashion and style has direct impact on construction styles and material. Here we are, to help you choose best tiles for your place on best prices. Online shopping is trend now, and it saves both your time and money. You can buy tiles from online stores and can chose the best design according to your choice.

Tile is made up of a natural material; usually it is of natural glass or ceramic. Designs in tiles are ever changing, every time you shop for tiles, you will find a new design. It is a great thing for your bathroom and kitchen because it saves them from moisture and prevents the damage of walls. Tiles are artistic, luxury and beautiful. There are many tile manufacturers who are working everyday for the provision of beautiful, luxury tiles. Mostly, following colors are best for tiles:

  • White-grey tiles
  • Dark-grey marbles tiles
  • Autumn onyx tiles etc

If you want, you can buy tiles in any color, even you can buy marble tiles in pink our blue colors, but it depends on your choice. Now there are different styles of tiles available on online stores. for example:

  • Molding collections
  • Corner shelves
  • Asian Carrara Marbles
  • and many more

Tile shop online helps you to buy tiles online according to your choice. Manufacturers try to bring innovations in their products like marble, luxury tiles. If you are a customer and you want to buy beautiful tiles for your home or office, you are at the right place, because here you can find some designs and some online tile shops. These online tile shops have the best customer ratings and you can buy the best ones from ere.

Whole tiles

Whole tiles or wholetiles is famous online tile store from where you can find tiles of your own choice. Time has changed and many things in our lives has been changed. So, our life style, our home, our office also needs a change. Whole tile shop helps you to find luxury tiles, grey tiles, onyx tiles with beautiful designs and excellent color schemes. Round corner, corner shelf and flat style tiles enhances the beauty and neatness of both your kitchen and bathroom. It depends on you that how you buy the tiles and how you use them in your home or office.

This is the link of this favorite website from where you can buy extra ordinary beautiful tiles.

Tile bar

Tile bar or tilebar is another online tile shop from where you can buy tiles for your home, and offices. You can find tiles of your own choice for your kitchen, bathroom, etc with high quality materials. You can find glass tiles too. Other materials include ceramics, stone and porcelain. These tiles enhance beauty of your place. It depends on you that how you use those tiles to renovate your home. You can easily find the tiles of your own choice on very reasonable price rate by following this link.

The tile shop

The tile shop is last on our list but it does not mean that it has the least value. You can find amazing, beautiful designs and extra ordinary attractive color combinations on this online store. We don’t know that where they manufacture those tiles because online store is not a manufacturer’s product manufacturing place but a place to display and sell his material. Mosaics look beautiful when they are imprinted on tiles, many other attractive designs can also be found easily.

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Introducing Masculine Tendencies the new collection from Jypsea Leathergoods


This collection of menswear-inspired throw pillows, leather coaster sets, journals, handbags, napkin ring holders and more has been handcrafted from the same high-end pinstripe and tweed fabrics found on the fashion runways and then trimmed with buttery leather for absolute luxury.

Sure to bring a touch of class any environment from mancaves to boudoirs, the collection was designed with both stylish men and women in mind.

Jypsea Leathergoods is a luxe, eco-friendly line of home goods, handbags, jewelry and accessories. All products are sustainably handcrafted in New Jersey and designed by modern leather artisan, Terina Nicole. She is inspired by natural, tribal cultures and high-fashion alike and infuses a little of it all into her line. Almost all of Jypsea Leathergoods’ products are made from recycled elements and natural materials.


See the video of MASCULINE TENDENCIES here:

Find the perfect gift this holiday season at the website and take 15% off your first order when you join the mailing list!

Learn more at www.terinanicole.com.

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The Best Ways To Prevent Pigeons From Settling In Your Property


Birds can be extremely fun to watch in the garden or at the birdfeeder, but you probably don’t want the larger birds to settle on your property.  Settling pigeons can cause a wide variety of issues from destroying property to harming plants.  They can also become violent toward anyone they view as trespassing.  As such, use these tips to prevent pigeons from settling on your property.

Don’t Feed The Birds

It seems fairly logical that if you want the birds to avoid roosting, you don’t feed them.  If you want to feed garden birds, hang birdfeeders. These are only accessible to certain kinds of birds and can not be used by pigeons.

Fake Animals

Many birds don’t like snakes or owls.  Try placing fake snakes or owls around your property.  They should be easily visible to birds in order to be effective.  Also, make sure to see if the specific birds that you want to target are afraid of the fake animal you want to use.

Bird Deterring Spikes

Recently one of the most popular bird deterring methods are deterrent spikes.  These are little spike strips that you attach to areas that you don’t birds to roost in.  Unfortunately, these spikes need to be installed and can only be installed on surfaces like window sills and fence tops. It is essential these bird control spikes are positioned and used safely. Usually an expert pigeon control company should be employed to fit them.

Gel Repellant

For those that are renting or need a less visible deterrent than spikes, there is gel repellant.  This gel is applied to the surfaces that you want to keep birds away from.  The gel leaves behind a sticky substance that birds don’t like.  Depending on the environment, the gel needs to be applied every few weeks or every month.

Laser Defense

It may sound like something out of a movie but a company has come up with a way to defend your property from birds using lasers.  Unlike a science fiction movie, though, these lasers only send a signal to the bird’s brain that the place they are in is not a good roosting spot.  Lasers are best used for indoor spaces or tight outdoor spaces such as orchards.

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Why You Need To Protect Your Family From Wasps


Wasps are terrible pests. They can be aggressive, terrifying and cause painful stings, and they are absolutely everywhere. If you’ve ever been stung before, then you know just how horrible these insects are. So, you need no convincing that wasps need to stay as far away from your home as possible. Here are the basics you need to know. It’s a good idea to know what you are dealing with and to find out as much about wasps as possible.

1. Wasps are dangerous

This doesn’t need to be explained any further, but let’s itemise it a bit. Wasps are dangerous to adults, but children are particularly vulnerable. If they unknowingly swat at stinging insects they may swarm. The same thing goes for your pets that are nosing around and having a fun time in the garden or park. Wasps are dangerous to those who know better than to swat at them and even more so to those who don’t.

2. Wasps are territorial

If you are too near their nest, wasps may swarm and attack anyone who is close. They are programmed to protect their nests and queen at all costs, so if you get too close to a nest (whether you know there is one there or not) you may get swarmed by these aggressive and territorial pests.

3. They can sting more than once

The female wasps are capable of stinging more than once, so you have to make sure you keep away from these creatures as far as possible, because they can sting multiple times, leading to all kinds of problems for you and anyone else who is nearby. Wasps can sting enough times to kill a person in some situations.

4. They make picnics impossible

This may seem irrelevant, but you have to remember that wasps are attracted to you because of your food. So, if you are looking to eat outside with food, you are going to have to deter any wasps that are buzzing around, or you’ll never be able to enjoy your al fresco meal. This is a fact. A frustrating one, but a real one nonetheless.

Wasps are as dangerous as they are scary. So, make sure you stay on top of the problem by calling in a professional if you realise you have a nest on your property. There is no shame in doing so, and it’ll keep you and your family safe. If you need wasps’ nest removal, don’t hesitate to take action. Look out for the first signs of a wasps’ nest being built in or around your home.

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8 Tips For De-cluttering To Prevent Pests


Every house you go to is bound to have a bit of clutter in it, and modern homes in cities like London are no exception. We live in a world that is all about possessions, and sometimes we simply have too many of them in our homes. Especially when we have kids. The thing is though, that clutter makes effective control of pests of all kinds harder, as it gives them plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in, while the dust and fibres that accumulate in a cluttered house give pests the nesting materials and food they need to really make themselves at home. So, if you’re looking to some tips to de-clutter, here you go!

  1. Be ruthless: You have to make the tough decisions to throw things away, and make sure you aren’t too soft about the process. Research shows a direct link between hoarding clutter and pests, so if you haven’t used something in a while, get rid of it, because there’s a reason it’s been just sitting there!
  2. Dividers for drawers and cupboards: You’d be surprised how organised your drawers become if you rely on dividers. You can get all sorts of shapes and sizes and they make your home look very tidy.
  3. Storage bins are your friend: Storage bins make clutter disappear and make it more organized. This is great for kid’s toys.
  4. Use bins for seasonal things: Christmas, summer, Halloween, keep it all in separate bins that can be moved around and changed as the season changes. This way you know where everything is.
  5. Try to put like things together: When it comes to your system, put like things together so you know they’re all there. If you have a lot of bins that look the same, try to keep them looking different with symbols, or letters. This will help you keep your organisation in place.
  6. Roll your t shirts and put them in drawers: A great way to get rid of those piles of t shirts. Easy and great for organisation and cleanliness.
  7. Work one room at a time: It’s an overwhelming project, so make sure you take it one room at a time.
  8. Do it more than once a year: The hardest part is re-doing this system regularly. If it is done regularly, there is less chance of it getting out of habits, which is always good.

These tips will give you a boost to your lifestyle in general, a step towards clutter free living, but are also great for preventing and getting rid of unwanted pests from your home, whether you live in London or anywhere else.

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New Technology A Boost to Creating Custom Address Signs, Cottage Plaques and More…

For some, an address sign is just a way to tell the postman where to deliver the mail. For others it’s an expression of pride in home ownership, personality or even whimsy. Now, a patented new technology provides an alternative to costly metal sign production. Instead of forging metal in a foundry, FusionCast “fuses” metal with high density urethane at the molecular level. The result is an engineered metal sign that is super strong and able to withstand freezing cold conditions in
the winter and blistering heat in the summer without cracking, fading, peeling or warping. It’s resistant to mould, stains and ozone making it ideal for outdoor use.

FusionCast signs are available in bronze, copper and aluminum. They can be customized to any shape and include texture, icons, images and colour. Originally developed for golf course use, where they appear on over “70 of Score Golf Top 100 Facilities”, they are now available for consumer applications including home, cottage, small business, chalets, etc. Not only are they up to 40% more economical compared to their traditional counterparts but they’re also lighter
making them cheaper to ship and install.

“We’re finding people are not just using our technology to make an address sign” says a FusionCast spokesman. “We’re seeing orders for recognition plaques, trail markers, historical plaques, directionals and even some weird and wacky stuff like the person who ordered a sign that simply read “Nothing of any significance has ever happened here”. They make for a unique gift idea that will last a long, long time. FusionCast is located in Canada but has shipped all over
the world. For more information and sign galleries visit: www.fusioncast.com.

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Affordable Luxury From Prefabricated Homes


People sometimes have misconceptions when it comes to prefabricated buildings. In reality, prefabricated buildings are becoming more and more common, as well as more accessible to many different budget levels.

What is prefabricated building?

uretimtesisleri05Prefabricated building is a building that exists of many factory units that are assembled on site. It is not necessary to have skilled labor force or special equipment to build them. For this reason, it is better to choose a prefabricated house than traditional construction. Quality control is one of the most important benefits of prefabricated homes because they are built in a controlled environment. On the other hand, prefabricated homes are built by an experience staff. They are inspected many times in terms of construction process. Prefab homes are also applauded for their energy efficiency and sustainability. In traditional construction, extra materials often lead to extra waste. Prefab homes typically take less time to build than a site built home. In fact, most prefabricated homes take less than half the time required for a traditional home. Some countries have very remote areas and building costs are high. Using prefabricated building method makes it possible for towns to grow and people to be able to afford homes. Prefabricated buildings for sale are becoming more preferable for people who cannot afford homes.  It offers benefits for home buyers. Buyers pay more than just base price for prefabs. They can get the look, style and quality of the designed home while enjoying the faster construction with quality materials. So prefabs offer solutions for buyers in many ways. The buildings can be transported to the site if the weather is not available for building on site. Buyers can remodel their homes as they dream.

As Prefabrik Yapi, we offer our customers the best opportunities in Prefabricated Solutions.  See https://en.prefabrikyapi.com/ for more.


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Unique handmade cupboard knobs and drawer pulls


UNDUN are a fresh and upcoming family-run artisan business, specializing in unique handmade cupboard knobs and drawer pulls.


After great success and press exposure in their own country of the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean, their online shop was launched in 2012 on Etsy and now features over 38 different knob and pull designs.

Natural objects from everyday life inspire the idea of UNDUN knobs. Beautiful patterned objects from cacti to snail shells, seashells to chili peppers and sea urchins have been made by nature but then chosen by the couple for their collection. Each one has been molded and re-created with resin, making each and every knob extremely strong, resilient and easy to clean.

As you enter the UNDUN site on Etsy you are met with a striking and colorful page of pattern and texture. Each of the 38 designs comes in an array of colors, making the collection bright, colorful and exciting.  Their color range includes both earthy and brighter tones to please all tastes and interiors. At a closer look each picture reveals the amazing detail of each knob and a striking resemblance to its original object it has been molded from.

img_8529_copyThe appeal of UNDUN knobs is their shared mandala design, which is balanced and pleasing on the eye.  Their white sea-urchin knobs have especially been noticed by Etsy buyers and are giving the finishing touch to kitchens in beach houses all over the world.

Each knob is fitted with a 4mm/ 0.16 inches (thickness) screw for hassle-free fitting and comes with individual bolts and tighteners. The screws are 2.2cm/ 0.86″ long. Ideal for cupboards, drawers and revamping cabinet, dresser and chest furniture of all kinds.

Available at www.undun.etsy.com

Perfect for anyone who is looking for something different.. http://www.facebook.com/undun

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