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Low Maintenance Landscape Design and Installation in South Florida

South Florida is a beautiful place to live and work. Having grown up here, I have an appreciation for all things unique to South Florida. Whether it be the beaches, night-life of South Beach or the tranquil landscape of the Everglades. The one common thread throughout what South Florida is known for is its beautiful landscape, be it natural or man designed.

As a professional landscaper in Fort Lauderdale, I am often asked to help keep South Florida beautiful.  Everyone wants an amazing looking property. But, their requests always come with the same caveat.  We want the best, but we don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining it.  That used to put me in a tough spot. But through years of experience, I now know what works and what doesn’t. People and plants are fickle. So how do you keep everyone happy?

Well, like life, its balancing act. Choosing between planting beautiful plants and planting those that require little attention requires a bit of forethought but the end result is worth it.

We look for plants that meet the following criteria:

  • Drought tolerant
  • Shedding minimally
  • Require little trimming
  • Heat and sun tolerant

Next we choose those that are the most aesthetically pleasing. I have a handful of go-to plants I like to recommend.

  • Agave
  • Cacti
  • Kalanchoe
  • Bromeliad
  • Desert Rose

Combining beauty with minimal lawn care maintenance requirements is easier than one would think. Especially in South Florida where a wide variety of plants, tree and shrubs from around the world easily adapt to our subtropical substrate.

Before purchasing and planting on your own, use the internet to research the particular plant you have in mind. Find out is the plant is drought tolerant and how often trimming or pruning is required.  Lastly make sure it’s sun tolerant, sunscreen for plants has yet to be invented.

Pink and Green Lawn Care and Landscape
“Adding Color to South Florida”
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Landscape Design

The Benefits of Drip Irrigation


Having the proper type of irrigation system is essential in maintaining your lawn and gardens. A drip irrigation system is more favorable than a surface sprinkler alone although optimal effects are achieved by using a combination of the two. Drip irrigation is the process of slowly watering the underground roots of the plant by using either valves, tubes or pipes. It is superior over sprinkling alone since there is no runoff or risk of over-saturation. Different methods are used depending on the amount of water needed. The system is installed in zones according to the amount of water needed. Timers and valves are placed within each specific zone to insure the proper amount of water is being delivered.

There are multiple benefits to having a drip irrigation system installed along with your surface sprinklers. First, doing so will provide the correct amount of water for the flowers, foliage and trees in each particular area (or “zone”). Your plants will maintain their beauty and thrive much, much longer. An added bonus is the reduced amount and frequency of fertilizer application that will be necessary. Because your plants are being nurtured from the root system, the need for any additional “boosters” will no longer be needed. Another major factor is the amount of water that will be saved. The water that is used will be more efficient and effective. Not only will you be conserving water, but you’ll be saving money as well. To guarantee you get all the benefits, call the professionals at Fort Lauderdale Lawn Sprinklers.

Written by Lawn Pro


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Home Maintenance

TLC Landscapes LLC Announces Lawn Care and Landscaping Service Options

For today’s homeowners who struggle to balance work and family life, the lawn maintenance of your home’s lawn can seem like the last thing you want to add to your increasing “to do” list. Whether it be the weekly mowing during the spring, the constant watering in the summer, or the fertilizing in the fall, lawn care for those who are less than enthusiastic about it – or physically unable to complete it – can be nothing more than daunting.

Every homeowner must be aware that your lawn can help you fully recover the investment you make on it. In fact, experts say that you can even double it. A survey actually revealed that those who have invested in landscaping along with other lawn services can recoup the money they have invested by 100-200%. Well, this is far more than any other home improvement project can ever yield.

But you must be aware of the downside of lawn maintenance. Experts say that there is only one – this is the amount of work you have to carry out. But then, there is always an easier way of managing lawn care. And this is to hire the right professionals – preferably, one that offers a wide range of landscaping services and one that has an excellent reputation.

Luckily, there are reputable lawn care services that – for a reasonable fee- will happily help you out from the burden of lawn maintenance. Indeed, professional lawn care service will greatly help you with your lawn and landscape.


  • More time with your family
  • Achieve a healthier and more vibrant lawn
  • Access to right tools and equipments for routine maintenance.

For the perfect lawn care and landscaping services in Frisco, TX, you can’t go wrong with TLC Landscapes LLC. For more info, visit:

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Different types of teak furniture and teak special pieces


Teak wood is a favorite for furniture fanatics.  It is good looking yet very durable and can last a lifetime.  The wood looks good indoors in a fine modern dining room or outdoors on the patio near the bar-b-que pit.

Teak folding chairs may sound a little different.  We usually think of canvas or nylon straps on an aluminum frame when we talk about folding chairs, or maybe the metal ones that come with card tables.  The problem with these types of chairs is that they wear out quickly, sometimes only lasting a single summer.  Metal chairs get scratched and bent.  What if you wanted a chair that will last and continue to look good?  Consider teak folding chairs.  They are sturdy and hard-wearing.  They won’t rust or rot and can tolerate being accidentally left out in the rain.

Teak folding chairs come in various styles including with and without arms.  If you are someone who needs a more relaxed style of chair, consider a teak frame swing lounger chair.  At least the frame will be fairly indestructible though you may need to replace the canvas seat over time.

Teak wood can be used for building all sorts of types of furniture.  This includes various types of teak chairs and tables.  The tables can be large teak tables that seat many people or smaller teak dining tables for intimate parties or card parties.  Teak chairs come with and without arms and in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors.  Many are large deep seating chairs.  Remember to consider getting cushions that match the size of the chairs for added comfort.  Cushions can add color to an otherwise plain room.

Teak wood is easy to work with, making it the favorite of some craftsmen.  It has been used to make bowls, plates and serving trays.  Cute, curious shaped boxes and pretty vases can also be made from teak.  Some will have a sleek, modern appearance while others can be novelties.  Even garbage cans and pen & pencil holders can be made from slats of teak wood.  Near teak furniture factories people will make various nick-knacks from teak wood scraps.  The chips can add interest to the overall item and make each a one-of-a-kind design.   Smaller “twigs” from the branches of the trees can also be used to make fascinating pieces such as bowls.  Teak wood is relatively easy to work with meaning that it can be carved to create interesting sculptures and to create ornamental designs on furniture.

The teak tree roots can be used to add interest to a piece.  The roots can be used as legs of a chair or table.  They can also form headboards to beds.

Teak wood has natural variations in color like most woods do.  This can be used to add interest to table top geometric patterns or bench or chair backs.  As people making the item are piecing it together they can choose a variety of colors to create an interesting look.

Teak Closeouts offers many different teak items to choose from.  We carry an interesting line of furniture as well as other teak items and teak special pieces.  Be sure to look over the entire website so that you will not miss anything.


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Tips for Your Interior Design and Arrangement

The living room talks a lot about any homeowner. As a result, the tips about interior and its arrangement are of particular interest to individual who are interested in reinventing their apartments. It is important to talk about tips about the interior of a living and its arrangements, for the sole intent of educating millions of people who are clueless, concerning how to get the ideal living room from an expert’s point of view. Model an impressive living room by paying attention to five simple tips:

Space management

Before decking up the room, take into account the doors and windows in the apartment. Another important thing is the amount of natural light in the chamber. If excessively bright, the decor can be darker colors, and if dimly light, bright looking colors are a good alternative to create the much-needed reflection. Nevertheless, the placement of the mirror must be judicious as the reflection from different angles can be too revealing for comfort.

Wall décor

Walls in a room offer experimental space, whereby you can try new arrangement without worrying too much about space. Choice of colors on the wall shows the temperament of the chamber. Neutral plus pastel tones have been around for long. However, intense colors and difference combinations create an unusual and distinctive atmosphere to the room. Besides, Paintings and metal works hanging on the walls are a feast to the eye. The choice and combinations should be such that it weaves a harmony in the room. You can also add sentimental memorabilia such as photos to relive moments lost in the youthful memories.


The furniture should be a well-blended affair. A variance in the fashion and period of the various items diffuses recognition and gives a sensation of being in an antique shop rather a living room. Seat organizations in the house are vital. As Often, people purchase without a second thought about the space to move about between the pieces of furniture. The color and finishing of the pieces are important. Darker finish in wood or upholstery makes the room look smaller compared to bright colored finishings. If the whole decor of the chamber is in tune with a period, the furniture too should reflect it, and includes other pieces like a bookshelf, the console, the corner table or the teapot


Sunlight plays an essential part in creating the ambiance of a room. While planning the lighting solutions for the living room considered the natural daylight in the chamber. Plan the window decor of the room according to the natural sunlight. Therefore, the lighting solutions should be such that the ambiance holds continuity throughout always

Floor decor

People neglect floor decor while budgeting for interior decor. The floor adds to the ambiance experienced. You can choose to leave it bare, carpet it, or do a rug complimented with mats. Whichever the choice, the outcome simply shows mastery in the careful planning of the entire place.

For more tips, visit these links. and find the best ideas and furniture designs that meet your needs.

This article is written on behalf of HayOnlineWinkel – Dutch design interior shop.

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Learn how bump proof locks better secure your home

Security minded people these are asking for bump proof locks for their home. These are a type of lock that prevents would be criminals from entering their homes using an exploitation known as lock bumping.

If you’ve never heard of lock bumping, it is a very simple technique that exploits conventional pin and tumbler locks by using an ordinary key cut to certain depths called a bump key. The key is inserted into the lock while the end of the key is slightly bumped moving the pins in the lock just above the locks opening point.

The pins are only at the point of opening for a split second, but by applying light tension to the key when this happens, the cylinder will turn unlocking the door. Bump proof locks are unable to be opened with a bump key, but unfortunately most homes do not utilize them. As a matter of fact, 95% of homes are vulnerable to this security flaw.

Bump keys have been around for many years. They were generally used by locksmiths, however a small percentage of criminals that were able to get their hands on them. The number of crooks and thieves that have been able to obtain these keys over the past year has grown. This can be blamed on number of web sites that have been promoting these bump keys along with instructions on how to utilize them.

Affordable Locksmith OKC installs and carries bump proof locks at deeply discounted prices. Don’t leave your home or business unprotected against lock bumping. With over a decade of experience in the locksmith industry, our skilled team can install secure, bump proof locks the same day of your request. A typical installation takes just a few hours and the cost pales in comparison of other locksmiths in the area.

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Insulation: Unsexy but Essential to Your Home

home insulation

Insulation is important for the safety of your house as well as for saving on your electricity bills. Insulation keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer by controlling free flow of the air within your home. According to K. Ann Brizolis, a long-term real estate specialist in Rancho Santa Fe, insulation of your home is essential to keeping cost down and can impact the price for which a home will sell.

If you are going to install insulation to your house, you must consider various things such as where you should add insulation, deciding which insulation is right for your home, evaluating your wall Insulation, estimating cost of applying insulation, and how to install insulation to your home. You also need to find out how much insulation you already have in your home and where and how much you need to apply extra.

Before applying insulation to the house, an energy assessment known as home energy audit should be done which include an insulation check, identifying areas of the house that need air sealing. Before insulation, you should ensure that your house is properly air-sealed. In addition, it’s important to consider the following:

Inspecting your insulation: Before applying new insulation to your house, you must first inspect which parts of your home are already insulated and how. You may check the attic, walls and the floors adjacent to garage and basement. You can inspect your Attic Wall Insulation by checking an electrical passage. Also measure the thickness of insulation in basement ceilings and walls or above crawl spaces. Once determined the type and amount of the insulation already installed, determine its R-value.

Recommended R-values: R-value is the measure of the efficiency of insulation. Once you find out the R-value of the insulation in your house, you will have to determine what insulation is best for you, how much insulation to add, and where to add it.

Deciding the type of insulation to add: There are various types of insulation in use. You can choose any of them according to your need and the place to be insulated. Various insulation types are Spray foam insulation, Fiberglass and Rockwool Blankets, Blown In Insulation, Foam Board Insulation etc.

Estimating the cost of insulation: After selecting insulation for your house, you must determine the total cost of applying insulation according to the amount of insulation that will be used, places where insulation will be applied and cost of destruction and reconstruction, if any.

How to install insulation in your house: Now when you have chosen the best insulation for your house and also completed other assessments, the next thing is installing insulation to your house. There are many insulation service providers that can do that task for you. They have great knowledge and expertise in the field. They can also handle basic things like choosing insulation for your house walls, attic, and other assessments.

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Lawn and Garden Tip For The Day


My tip today is interval watering your lawn and garden. Typically about 30% of water used watering is lost due to runoff. We can improve that drastically, down to about 5%, by watering in intervals. This is information from research done at a major university. The research was done to help conserve our water. Runoff is just wasted water and while a portion in inevitable, excess is not very environmentally responsible .Many states have very specific water usage codes and interval watering can help comply with these, in turn helping the environment. No one wants to waste water, especially in times of drought. It is costly and unnecessary. Also beneficial is making sure you lawn sprinkler system is in good repair. Lawn sprinkler repair can be done by you if you are handy and so choose or you could get a reputable lawn sprinkler repair company.

When we water for too long and the water has no chance to absorb and simply runs off. If you have a good working drainage system the water will just drain. If not, the water just builds up. This can be very damaging to the roots in you lawn and garden plants. Standing water around roots will cause rotting damage. Excess water can also contribute to bacteria and fungus growth, as well as attracting unwanted insects.Bacteria, fungus, and insects can kill all of the beautiful plants in your garden as well as your lawn.
Interval watering can also be very easy as timers today can be set to do all of the work for us. Professional sprinkler maintenance is affordable and most service companies will gladly set the timers for you, as well as check your water pressure. If you are a “do it yourselfer” there are many good timers on the market to help. That’s all for now. I hope this was helpful to you.

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The Draw Of Custom Bridges For Your Pool Patio


If your home has a pool and patio on the property, nothing adds the same level of visual and architectural appeal as custom bridges built specifically for your needs.

Custom bridges for residences, also known as residential bridges, are all the rage these days to add an element of paradise to the poolside.  Perhaps you have two pools where you would like to bridge the gap, or would like to have a bridge running across the whole pool.  Maybe a custom bridge to connect an elevated changing room or washroom is required.  If you live on a lake or oceanfront, adding custom bridges to create a walkway to the beach or lakeshore is another excellent option.

There are so many applications for custom bridges to be put into play that it can seem overwhelming to choose.  Browsing the Internet for ideas is always a good idea as you get to see already created projects and draw inspiration from them.  Check out the Links Bridges website at:, for images and rundowns of projects that have been created for previous clients.

Once you have an idea of where you want to employ a custom residential bridge it is time to go into the details of it’s construction.

Step 1:  Figure out your chosen location and purpose of the bridge.  This will largely dictate what type of custom bridge will work best and can aid in the design process.

Step 2:  Take all measurements, as this will be one of the first things that a custom bridge builder will ask you about.  Most builders offer free consultations where a builder visits your location to discuss your options and concerns.

Step 3:  Together with your bridge builder, design the residential bridge itself.  Do you want an arched bridge or flat walkway?  Will it be made out of wood, metal or stone?  There are many decisions that go into the design phase of your new bridge.

Step 4:  Finalize the design and get construction underway.  The actual construction of the bridge will most likely take place at the builder’s facilities, with only final assembly and fitting done at the actual location.

Step 5:  Enjoy your new architectural piece and put it to good use.

Once your custom residential bridge is installed you can show it off to your guests and make the neighbors jealous. Nothing adds the same level of class as custom bridges on your property.  They are of course functional as well.

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Home Decorating

How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Now that spring is in full effect, get those doors and windows open and let in the fresh air that we’re so deprived of through the winter months! It’s also a good time to get your home ready for having people over for barbeques and parties. We at Blackthumb Décor have a few ideas for making your home look and feel great this spring. Let’s hear some of your own tips for this great time of year!


Declutter the entrance
Organizing the front entry will immediately give your space a more airy feel. Hanging coats, hats and umbrellas on conveniently placed hooks will keep everything perfectly organized. The Normann Copenhagen hooks are a great choice for a compact and visually appealing front entry.

5bestwaystogetreadyforspring3200x300Invest in bedroom accessories
Freshen up your bedroom with new accessories that will help keep your space organized. From beautiful new hangers, storage boxes, to the Flip Mirror by Normann Copenahgen keeping your most used items close at hand for daily use.

Decorating with wall art
A fabulous way to add art into the home without blowing your budget. We have a great selection of prints in a variety of sizes available. What’s more, take 10% off all prints in the shop from April 8th – 11th by using code: artwall at the checkout.

Give your sofa a face lift 
If your sofa and lounge chairs are looking a little tired, give them a face lift with new cushions and throws. The Hay Dot Cushion is simple and charming, made with high quality fabric, combine contrasting colors to create an inviting space.

5bestwaystogetreadyforspring5200x300Organize your belongings
Storing magazines, books, toys and even plants in baskets, boxes and hanging wall storage containers is simple and convenient. The Pocket Organizers are a simple way to lift things off the counters and floors.

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