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Home Pinwheel Game – What’s your favorite home style?


Can you picture your dream home? Many can, and could drive down the street pointing to their favorites but don’t know the actual name to describe the style. This can be very frustrating when trying to explain to your Realtor what style of home you are searching for. While you may think that the right style was successfully communicated to your agent, you could spend your Saturday afternoon looking at ten variations of a Cape Cod home when you actually like the Craftsman style.

Speed up the house hunting process and make sure you and your Realtor are on the same page simply by playing Nestiny’s fun Home Pinwheel game!


The Home Pinwheel game helps you define your own personal style and puts a name to your favorites. Help the gnomes power their pinwheel while you quickly browse different home styles. By giving each home you view a ‘yea’ (check mark) or ‘nay’ (x mark) the pinwheel wind meter will be filled. Using a fun process of elimination you will be guided through the game by viewing different home styles all while helping power the gnome’s pinwheel. Fill the wind meter and your preferred home styles will be revealed to you as a top three in order of preference.

Once you are awarded your three favorite home styles you can drill down on each style to learn about the architecture by hovering over the image. This helpful information will allow you to better understand the characteristics that are recognized with different home styles. After all, it is important to know the architectural terminology used for your favorite home style. This can be especially helpful when it comes time to review an inspection report on your soon-to-be home.

Don’t forget—once you receive your favorite home styles, help your friends and share the game on Facebook and Twitter! Not only will your friends be able to help you house hunt for the right style home, but they will also be able to identify their favorite home style!

Play Nestiny’s Home Pinwheel game and find your favorite home styles now!

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